Don’t let upfront styling and staging costs hold your customers back from choosing you

Maximise their home selling potential and get paid fast with Style Flow, our simple payment solution


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Property staging and styling finance made easy

Property staging and styling finance made easy

The costs of staging a property for sale can often affect the homeowner’s decision to hire you. With Style Flow, your customers can now defer the payment of staging costs until settlement, while you still get paid straight away.

When it comes to preparing your property for sale, the costs can quickly add up. Homeowners are now able to defer the payment of styling and staging costs until settlement.

Why Choose Style Flow?

Attract more clients

Secure more property staging work by offering flexible payment options to prospective customers.


Protect your cash flow

Your customers can choose which way they want to pay, while you get the funds you need to proceed.


Fast, flexible & fuss-free

Handle payments quickly using our online process, completed in seconds with sign-on-glass functionality.

Pay-On-Success available

Give your customers the peace of mind that if they don’t sell, they don’t pay, while you still get paid for your work.

How does Style Flow work?


Design the perfect staging and styling plan with your customers.


Send them a payment link where they can elect their preferred payment choice.


You’ll be paid within 24 hours so you can get on with the project.

You Style Now, They Pay Later

As a property stylist, you understand that staging and styling to sell is an investment to maximise a home’s selling price. However, convincing homeowners to make this investment can be a tedious process, especially as they are paying for so many other expenses like photos, marketing, renovations and more.

With Style Flow, you can provide your customers with flexible repayment options, all while getting paid upfront for your styling expertise. It’s a win-win!

Get back to doing more of what you love with Style Flow.

Supercharge sales. Style more properties


Get paid upfront

You’ll get paid within 24 hours of the installation date while providing customers with flexible payment options.

Minimise your risk & outsource collections

We follow up on payment collection and take on all of the risk.

No fees for you

This is a free service for you to use with no merchant or service fees.


White-labelled payment gateway

Present your own brand as tech-forward leaders via a low touch, smooth and easy digital check out experience.

Premium cost coverage

We cover a range of staging and styling costs so you can get paid what you’re worth.

Style Flow is for stylists engaged in the property selling process.

Style Flow - Proptech-Awards-Badge
Style Flow -Proptech Awards Finalist 2022

Stand out in style and gain a competitive edge

Offer the convenience of style and stage services now, with pay later options so everyone benefits.

Sign up is free and takes just a few minutes.

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