The property market is competitive, and it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. Every week there’s a popularity contest from one open home to the next and the eventual winner will be judged come auction day.

In both hot and cold markets, the deciding factor between two comparable properties may well be the work of a property stylist.

Whilst real estate agents are essential in the selling process, a property stylist may solve the layout and floor plan problems, make homes more beautiful and win over the hearts and minds of potential buyers.

Selecting a property stylist is just as important as choosing the right agent to sell a home. Professional stylists will consult with home sellers and their appointed agents on the goals and objectives, develop the right strategy to appeal to the target demographic and complete the install into the homes for the duration of the campaign period without impacting on the home seller’s day-to-day lifestyle.

Stylists will introduce the right combination of colour and texture through the use of furniture, art and soft furnishings, which immediately adds value through the eyes potential buyers.

    Styled homes secure higher selling prices and sell faster for many reasons

    1. Old and dated – Home sellers have often lived in their property for many years and the furniture is outdated and worn. A property stylist can bring in a range of furniture and props that really bring the space to life.
    2. Picture perfect – Professional photos taken just after styling can attract a greater audience of buyers that may have never been reached. Jumping out on the listing portals with beautiful photos can encourage click-throughs from people who may have scrolled past the property otherwise.
    3. Feel at home – Property staging is particularly beneficial for small homes with awkward layouts and will help buyers visualise living in the space.
    4. Prestige – Property styling is even more important in homes that have cheaper finishes as it can make the home appear more high-end by diverting attention to beautiful styling and potential.
    5. Cast a wide net – Property stylists know how to balance between creating a homely feeling in a way that lends itself to suit a range of buyers from different stages of life.
    6. Love – Property styling plays on the emotions of buyers which can drive the price up if multiple buyers picture themselves living in the space.

    It is critical to present the property in its best light from the outset. First impressions are so important and will attract more interest and enquiry to the property.

    Ultimately, selling is a numbers game. The more prospects that find the property appealing, the more enquiry will be generated, the higher the bids and the quicker the sale.

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